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A few places of interest:

My friend Lauren and I always like to explore new places. We find beauty in simple things and we are almost always equipped with a camera. We can be found almost anywhere; abandon places, scenic places, or just some random road we never imagined we would wind up on. Some of our best adventures are unplanned. Most of the fun is getting there and the obstacles we stumble upon on the way! (:

Here’s a list of a few great places to take pictures:

  • Limerick Cooling Towers-& surrounding area

The towers are inaccessible to the public, and highly guarded. Trespassing on the Exelon property is nearly impossible, and I certainly would NOT recommend trying! The surrounding area is great for taking photos if you can find a safe place to park.

  • Linfield Industrial Park

We’ve only been to Linfield once but we’re planning on going back! It is abandon and although there are “no trespassing” signs, it is very easy to get into. There are houses near the entrance but we saw no signs of security/danger upon entering. This is a great place to go if you want good “abandonment” photos. There is broken glass from shattered windows, but a lot of abandon buildings to explore. There is an abandon (water?) tower which adds a great subject for photos! We tried to climb this but did not get very far as there are vines and branches which protrude from the ladder. Wear sneakers!

  • Gamma Swim Club

Gamma is an abandon swim club located off of West Chester Pike. There is a small gate to climb, and a short walk which leads to a barbed wire fence. To the right of the surrounding fence (and through the woods a little) there is a cutout in the fence to walk through. The property is overgrown, as it has been abandoned over a year. It is a good place to get pictures. The pool has graffiti all over and hidden behind overgrown weeds and bushes there is a playground. The indoor facilities (storage/snack bar/kitchen) are easily accessible.

  • Marsh Creek

Marsh Creek is probably one of the top 3 on my list of scenic places. It is a big lake mostly used for fishing and boating, but accessible to anyone for free. It is the perfect location for beautiful pictures of  water. This is an awesome place to go even if you’re not in to taking pictures! You can rent various types of boats for a day on the water. It is a great day trip and really inspirational place. Everyone should see it at least once in their lifetime! (Also, if you are not interested in renting a boat, the property is open to the public–even if you’re just admiring the view!)

  • Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens is (in my own words) a huge collection of indoor and outdoor flowers and fountains. It is a beautiful property and a great place to go if you’re into flowers (which I am not). There are some cool exhibits and great photos within–all for an overpriced entry fee.

  • Center City, Philadelphia

Living outside of Philly, I’ve been there many times. I won’t write much because truly I don’t know where to begin. Philadelphia is a prime location to take pictures. Literally, you can find desired shots from almost every street corner. It really depends what you’re looking for!

  • Eastern State Penitentiary

ESP was an old prison but is now open to the public. It is a nice place to get unique photos that not many people have. This place will give you photos filled with “orbs”, if you believe in them (which I don’t). But still, it would be cool to be taking pictures of prisoner’s ghosts!

“Chicago’s most famous mob boss spent eight months at Eastern State in 1929-1930. Arrested for carrying a concealed, deadly weapon, this was Capone’s first prison sentence. His time in Eastern State was spent in relative luxury. His cell on the Park Avenue Block had fine furniture, oriental rugs, and a cabinet radio.”

We got pictures of Al Capone’s cell.

  • New Hope

New Hope is a beautiful town which sits on the border of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. There is nothing particular I would recommend getting pictures of. Overall it is just a great little town to visit and there are good photo opportunities to be found upon walking the streets of New Hope.

We have been to many more places, but these are just a few of my favorites. I’ll be adding more as we adventure more but here are a few for now…

…and many, many, many more to come!

Here are some photos I’ve taken. Some are at the above locations, but some aren’t. But I tried to put atleast a photo or two from each listed location. If you have any questions where a particular picture was taken, feel free to ask(:

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One comment on “Places

  1. Stephen Benko (@sjbdude101)
    October 5, 2014

    Can you revisit the gamma swim club it burned down cause somebody was bringing chemicals down there and could you take photos and tweet me or something

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