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I wrote this poem. I’m a fan of rhyming, but it’s certainly not my expertise.


There’s something in the silence, but it’s never been quite clear

Is it comforting or deafening, or music to my ear?

I find it in the quiet, it comes from deep within

It tells me where I’m going, and shows me where I’ve been

I don’t need an ear to listen, or someone’s hand to hold

Because my thoughts are loud and clear, underlined and bold

I listen to the echoes, but I cannot hear the screams

Of all the thoughts inside, and reoccurring dreams

Like a bullet searching for it’s target, I am looking for mine

Silence brings motionless and the planets misalign

I’m looking for that defining moment, when my world stands still

I don’t want all the answers, because searching holds the thrill

I want to be like the rhythm, to my favorite song,

Meaning I am sensible, and that I belong

But aside from the song, I find great value in the silence

Because for a few moments, it ceases all the violence

I don’t mean world wars, I’m talking about battles inside

I guess I’m saying at times, I’m conflicted on this ride

Sometimes life can be raging, like a heart attack,

But in silence, I find, that all fades to black

It’s a ride I can’t get off of, and nor would I try

Because that would be like gravity, which I cannot defy

So when my thoughts are spinning, like electric ballet dancers

I turn to silence, because it holds all the hidden answers


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