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Beautiful Stranger

Have you ever seen a stranger and wondered about his journey? It’s something I do often. It’s crazy that I waste countless hours offering sympathetic thoughts to a person I know nearly nothing about.

Upon observing an old man walking, I have come up with this.

He is a stranger indeed, because we’ve never met, nor have we exchanged the slightest bit of eye contact.

But you see, this stranger and I share something in common…He is here on this very same beach, just walking and wasting time.

And so I am thinking to myself…

Where is he going? Where has he been? Does he have friends…a family even? Is he a successful business man, or homeless perhaps? Why is he here, and what is he thinking? Does he know that he is the center of my attention? Is he a criminal, or someone’s hero? Is he scared and alone, or fearless and loved? Where do his roots stem back to? Does he know that I care about all these things? Could he tell me a story? Could this stranger change my life forever?

These are all things I will never know, but it represents something great to me. And that is: A stranger is beautiful. There’s something about the mystery of not knowing someone that makes them unique in my eyes. It makes me wonder and yearn for the answers that will always remain a secret. Had I approached this man and asked him these questions, it would kill my curiosity–and ruin the beauty of a stranger.

Wherever this man is today, I wish him all the best. I wish he knew that some bizarre girl hundreds of miles away was inspired  simply by his existence. He will always remain a beautiful stranger to me.

As far as I know, he is wondering all the same about me. Because maybe to him I am  just a lone stranger too. And together, we are not alone.


2 comments on “Beautiful Stranger

  1. lollipopsvscigarettes
    August 15, 2011

    Strangers are part of our lives they create a certain impact we will never know. ;D

  2. scenicroadway
    August 15, 2011

    True 🙂

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