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My thoughts on being young…

It’s hard being young. There are so many times that you have to be your own support, because nobody understands your problems quite like you do. There are so many decisions left in the palm of your hand, and it almost always leads to a breaking point. You just want something or someone to believe in; or better yet, someone to believe in you.  But sure enough when you find that person, sooner or later, they let you down. You’re forced to learn to stand on your own at some point. You have to learn to rebuild everything in your world, without the helping hands. Sometimes it’s hard to find sense in all of the broken pieces. It’s even harder when you have to do it alone.

It’s scary, you know? You just want to know all the answers. You just want to know that in the end you’ll be okay. It’s hard being young, especially when people don’t realize how vulnerable you are. After something bad happens, adults fill your head with “you’ll get over it”, and “it’s not the end of the world”. It’s because they don’t realize how much value we hold to certain people and events in our life. Maybe these things won’t matter long down the road, but right now, these people and events are everything we know. Many people these days are selfish, and throw trust away like trash. Real friends are few and far between. How do we survive in a world with so much hate, lies, and greed? It’s hard being young. Then you blink your eyes and being young is a lifetime away.


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