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A Blog Idea-The Eight Chapter Challenge.

A blog idea:

Here’s my challenge to you bloggers. Pretend you are writing a book on your life. But instead of actually writing it, break it down into 8 chapters (Or, however many you want–I just chose 8 because it’s my lucky number). Think of some of your best, worst, and most defining moments that you’ve encountered thus far. Write the names of the 8 chapters of your book, and a sentence or two describing what each chapter holds. Don’t be discouraged thinking that people wouldn’t want to read about you–because someone, somewhere needs to hear a story like yours. Truth is, your life probably isn’t as boring as you think, and someone could learn from you. Oh, don’t forget a title. Nobody wants to read a book without a title, right?

“You must have control of the authorship of your own destiny. The pen that writes your life story must be held in your own hand.”

-Irene C. Kassorla


Title: Life as I Know It


Chapter one: In My Skin

The first chapter would tell a a little bit about me, including: what type of person I am, my interests, things that molded me, and some values and beliefs. (As boring as that sounds to start a book–It doesn’t really matter unless I actually decide to write it! Right?)

Chapter two: The fundamentals of childhood

This Chapter would be about a few childhood memories, and some mischief.

Chapter three: Cutting my roots

Cutting my roots refers to when I moved from my original hometown. It would be about transitions and struggles faced at that time.

Chapter four: A Lesson Learned

A lesson learned would be about growing up with the fear of losing an immediate family member to drugs/alcohol.

Chapter five: Benign & Love

Benign refers to a tumor that changed my family’s lives, and love refers to learning what love meant for me.

Chapter six: Sleepless Summer

This chapter would be about the summer after graduation. It was filled with numerous adventures and breaking points for all.

Chapter seven:  Loss, gains & A new direction

This chapter marks the start and end of a new journey for me as I headed to college 10 hours away. The loss and gains are self explanatory.

Chapter eight: Traveling Soul

The final chapter of my book would be about the uncertainties in my life, and my expectations for my future.




2 comments on “A Blog Idea-The Eight Chapter Challenge.

  1. Maxwell Da Poet
    August 17, 2011

    dats a rly good idea nd ur rely hot.

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