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How to turn a bad day around

“The robbed that smiles, steals something from the thief.” ~William Shakespeare

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing went your way? Bad days are inevitable for us all. It’s important not to be left discouraged when a bad day strikes.

1. Music

Music is certainly a mood setter. It’s probably safe to say we all have certain songs that “speak to us”. This could mean the song has a beat we find catchy, lyrics we can relate to, or a moral we identify with. Music offers a distraction and is usually soothing. So find yourself an upbeat song, sit back, relax, and let the good mood flow.

2. Help someone

For some reason many people find this concept hard to grasp. Helping others actually helps you relieve a lot of tension. Being there for someone will make you feel good about yourself and take your mind off of your bad day. It doesn’t matter if the task is big or small, just get out there and help someone. You’ll be glad you did.

This was a picture taken on a day of volunteer work. Truly satisfaction. (I’m in the white t-shirt.)

3. Take a walk

Taking a walk is a good release of negative energy. It gets your heart beating faster, and your blood flowing. Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need to turn your bad day around. Walking is good for your health and will certainly help to kill the negative vibes.

4. Positive list

One of this biggest reasons people become so miserable is because they are negative. How do you expect to have a good day when all you’re concerned with is the problems at hand. This is easily cured by writing a list of good things. In writing this list, you will find that you actually have things to be thankful for. Don’t grieve over the negatives. Instead, be grateful. (Number one on my positive list is always that I have lived to see another day)

5. Pictures

Most people would describe their pictures as cherished memories. If you feel the same about your photos, then it would be beneficial to look through them every once in a while. In doing so, you may find yourself reliving some of your best memories. Pictures are a great way to reminisce and focus on events that have gotten you to where you are today.

6. Creative aggression

A great technique of relieving stress and turning a bad day around is something I call creative aggression. This involves taking all that aggressive and negative energy, and turning it into something productive. This includes (but is certainly not limited to), drawing, painting, sculpting, building, and writing. Make something. Draw what you see, paint the horizon, build a popsicle stick house. Get the creative juices flowing. Nobody has time to dwell on the negatives when they are building a castle surrounded by a moat–all made out of legos!

(this is me painting a popsicle stick house some friends and I made…..cute, right?)

7. Talk to a friend or stranger The most logical thing to do on a bad day is talk it out. Now, sometimes this is the very last thing on my list. Because for most people, we don’t want to talk about the bad (it only stresses us out more). Sometimes talking about off topic things helps direct your mind away from what is bothering you, and may bring in a new thought process. I’m sure most of us were raised with “don’t talk to strangers”. But, on bad days I suppress that notion. There is something beautiful about talking to a stranger. The fact that the two of you know nothing of the other one’s life, but can still hold a conversation is quite intriguing. Strangers can sometimes help with our problems, because unlike family and friends, there is no prejudgement. And in most cases, we will not face them again. Side note- if none are available…a pet is always a great listener. Start talking!

Me and one of my doggies(:

8. Write

Writing is definitely one of my greatest escapes. The best thing about writing is you can say exactly what you want, exactly how you want to say it. Whether it comes out as a journal entry, a short story, a poem, or even a blog post, 😉 it’s unique. It doesn’t matter if you’re a good writer, what matters is that you have thoughts you find meaningful enough to write. It’s special to you, and it will always hold that value.

Next time you have a bad day, remember to stop and breathe. Take a step back from everything, and indulge in some happy time. 🙂 Appreciate the simple things.


2 comments on “How to turn a bad day around

  1. lollipopsvscigarettes
    August 19, 2011

    My best remedy for a bad day is playing with my kids. 😀

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