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Things I Do and Don’t Believe In.

(These are just my beliefs.)

I don’t believe in…

Promises. I stopped believing in promises years ago. Broken promises almost always lead to disappointment, and loss of trust. I learned, early on, that I cared for neither.

Forever. In my opinion, nothing lasts forever. No relationship, love, or any being for that matter has ever lasted forever. I don’t believe in saying “I will love you forever” or “I will stay with you forever”. The only thing we have is a lifetime. None of us have forever.

Love at first sight. Falling in love four years ago has certainly taught me a lot. Loving someone is not completely an external thing. You have to love the person internally. Loving the way someone looks is not loving that person. You have to accept every detail of their existence before you can even consider it love. I don’t like when people throw the word “love” around.

I believe in…

Second chances. Everyone has their own means of perfection, however nobody is flawless. We all have differences of opinions, and we all make mistakes. Everyone deserves a second chance.

Regrets. Most people these days say they live without regrets. To me, a regret is something that helps keep me going. There are decisions we are proud of, and some we aren’t so proud of. It’s okay to feel disappointed in yourself. The feeling of regret helps you make a better choice the next time around. I carry my regrets with me everywhere I go.

Gratitude. I am a strong believer in being thankful. These days, too many of us are wrapped up in our own worlds. We are so busy complaining and wanting more from life, that we don’t realize how much we already have. A simple “thank you” is a wonderful thing. Take time to be grateful for all that you have.

Dreams. Dreams are a guiding force in life. They lead you from one place to the next. If it weren’t for my dreams, I’d have no motivation to do anything.

Pride. Now some people go completely overboard with this…but I do believe it’s important to have pride. Be proud of who you are, what you do, and the things you’ve accomplished. Don’t always focus on the negatives. you’ve gotten this far, and being dignified is certainly acceptable.

Love. Love is an extremely powerful thing and it never fails to turn lives around. I believe in love, especially the unconditional kind. Putting selfishness aside and loving someone for who they truly are is one of the greatest gifts to give and/or receive.

Writing letters. I love to write letters. Since I went away to school, I found myself constantly writing letters to everyone back at home. Even before I went away, I was still really big on writing letters. It is the perfect way to say exactly what you want to say. Sometimes facebook, texting, and e-mails just aren’t good enough.

Karma. Oh what a great thing karma is. I believe what comes around goes around. It’s as simple as that.

There is good in everyone. People are always so quick to point out the negatives in each other. I’ll admit, I do so on occasion. However, I do believe there is good in everyone. We all have our share of bad choices, but that doesn’t make us bad people. If you look hard enough, you will find good in everyone.

People change. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. The point is we are constantly changing. There is room for growth, and in some cases immaturity. People change.

Time heals. This is one of my favorite beliefs, because it has not failed me yet. I believe that no matter what you are going through, someday it will get better. Yes, of course I wallow in self pity from time to time, but I know better days are headed my way. You just have to believe that time will heal. Just keep moving forward.


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