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Life is Tough

Life is tough. And truthfully, the only person we can fully rely on and trust is ourselves. Sometimes, that’s not enough though. People come and go, tragedy strikes, people die, and bad things happen to good people. We lose people who always swore they’d be there. Promises break along with hearts and dreams. Mistakes are costly and failure is prominent. Fear sits beneath the skin, and words often go unspoken. Sometimes the innocent are convicted, and justice remains just a word. Some guilty consciences never find ease. People go missing and some never return. There’s abuse and violence around every corner, and it’s unstoppable. People fall asleep starving and homeless. There are incurable illnesses, and children without parents. This world is so corrupt that sometimes people would rather take their own life than live another day. Somehow, the world keeps spinning and the sun shines again.

Check out these sites to see what you can do to help end world homelessness, world hunger, and violence:




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This entry was posted on September 5, 2011 by in Inspiration, My Writing/Drawings.

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