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Someday it will all be gone

I  miss it. I miss the people. I miss the memories. I miss the places. I miss the experiences. I miss feeling invincible and fearless. I miss who I was, how I felt, and everything in between.

When we grow up, we often tend to leave so much behind us. Sure, from time to time, we reminisce on the most prominent memories through old photos, videos and writing. What about the small memories in between? What about the memories we leave behind? What about those minuscule moments we swear we will remember, but some how they slip our minds? So many moments are lost in time and unfortunately they will never resurface in our minds. I wish I could remember those times.

It’s a great feeling when we recall something from the past that was once important to us. Sometimes memories are triggered by a song, a location, a person, or perhaps specific words.

It’s crazy to see how our needs for happiness have changed drastically over time. I remember when I was younger how rewarding it was when I finally got to stay up as late as my older brother. I remember how mature I felt when my mom would let me ride my bike around the neighborhood, until the street lights came on. To this day, I can thoroughly recall the acceptance experienced in elementary school. The younger I was, the more tolerance I had for differences. As a young child, I don’t ever remember defining people by their race, gender, or beliefs. None of that mattered.

We were all friends.

These days, it’s hard for most people over the age of ten to find happiness in the simple things. By “the simple things”, I mean: swinging, riding bikes, playing freeze tag, climbing trees, and (one of my old pastimes) setting up marble contraptions. Today’s society is so focused on technology, and advancing to the next stage of life (whatever that may be). Sure, it’s entertaining. But what about the memories from youth? The pure bliss found in swinging with my childhood friends is certainly not going to be relived on facebook, or by playing a videogame. The best way to rekindle those feelings is to make them live on.

Relive the memories.

So many memories get left behind, because unfortunately we have no way of remembering everything. My point in saying all this is, don’t let the memories you have now slip your mind. Find a way to relive them. Find a way to remember how you felt.

Treasure the memories. Treasure the feelings. Someday it will all be gone.

Don’t you ever just wish you could have all the time back? Don’t you ever just want to relive it all?


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