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Beautiful People

There are some beautiful people in this world. I’m not talking about external beauty. I’m referring to the people with inner beauty. Hopefully, we all know someone who is genuinely good-hearted. These people are thoughtful and generous to anyone they encounter. It’s like he/she was put on this earth to exemplify greatness. Beautiful people are often able to find happiness, even in times of trouble. They bring out the positive aspects of even the most negative situations. They are always willing to help those around them. Beautiful people do nice things without reason. Their actions are fueled by good intentions. They are a joy to be around, and a good influence on everyone. Beautiful people forgive.

This world can be so cold. So many people are selfish, and will step on anyone to get where they need to go. They take so much from this world, and never think to give back. Their biggest concern is “what’s in it for me?”. These cold people don’t care about he feelings or needs of others. They don’t give it a second thought before betraying you. Coldness is contagious. Cold people often live a life of regrets and loneliness. Harboring bitterness will slowly destroy you. Don’t ever believe that this world revolves around you. It doesn’t.

Beautiful people make this world a better place. Their warm hearts overpower the coldness. They are a true inspiration to any being they come across. Inner beauty is a free gift for anyone who chooses to open it. Don’t let that gift pass you by.



3 comments on “Beautiful People

  1. Lady Gwendolynn
    October 29, 2011

    Beautiful! I think you sold your point WELL there at the end!

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