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To the Broken Hearted

Dear Heartbroken,

I was once in your position, not so long ago. Losing your heart’s desire is one of the worst feelings in the world. You have to realize that you’re not alone. Almost everyone has gone through, or will go through a heartbreak (at least once in a lifetime). The important thing to realize is that life goes on. Five years from now, the horrible feelings you feel right now will probably mean nothing to you.

Sometimes relationships and marriages fail. Sometimes the person that we think is “the one”, actually turns out to be “the wrong one”. After all the disappointment and tears, all we can do is learn from it. Everything happens for a reason. Even if it doesn’t make sense right now, someday it will. Someday the right person will come along and make you realize why you went through all the struggles you’re going through now. You’ll realize that people change and feelings change.

When people are heartbroken, they tend to doubt who they are. Don’t ever think you’re not good enough just because someone else doesn’t see your greatness. Because there is someone out there who will fall in love with everything about you. This person will love you exactly the way you are. It’s so important not to change who you are to fill another person’s expectations.

I know it’s hard to bury the memories. Over time you’ll see that you’re not burying them, you’re building new ones. It’s important to move on with your life, even if it’s on your own. The right person is out there. He/she will only come along when the time is right.

A broken heart is one of life’s biggest distractions. It distracts you from school, work, family, friends and everything in between. It distracts you from who you are, and where you’re going. We spend so much time analyzing what could’ve been, and what went wrong. The time should be focused on what is, and what happens next. Don’t be the host of bitterness. Don’t become so angry that you lose site of who you are. It’s okay to be upset and hurt. And it’s okay to cry and let your feelings out. But it’s important to know that after all the tears are shed, life goes on. Don’t let your life pass you by while you’re distracted.

I know how it feels to lose the most important person in your life. I know what it’s like to feel like you’re not good enough. I know how hard it is to picture life without that special person. But until you let go of these devastating feelings, you can’t move forward with your life. There are some people who never let go of the pain. These people never experience love again. They’re so distraught over the broken pieces, that they never stop to realize the pieces can be put back together. Don’t give up on yourself, and don’t give up on love.

Be strong, be hopeful, and remember that life goes on.


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