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Have a Case of the Monday Blues?

Well, you’re in the right place!

Monday tends to be the most dreaded day of the week. It is the start of the work week for most. In some cases, (such as my own) it is the start of both the school and work week. During my commute from college girl to working girl, I decided I needed a pick me up. For me, that was grabbing a Starbucks coffee and blasting a few upbeat tunes. Hope this stuff makes your day a little better!

My Monday Playlist

I embedded the videos on this page for easier access- also I did not embed the “official” music videos, because they generally have a 15-30 second advertisement. I do not own any of these videos or the content in them. All credit goes to the artists, and the youtube channels which are provided via link.

(Yes I realize most of these are “old school”, but they are some of my favorite mood lifters!–Enjoy)

1. All Star by Smash Mouth

2. You Gotta Be by Des’ree

3. Shiny Happy People by REM

4. Dark Blue by Jack’s Mannequin

5. Say by John Mayer

5 good things list

I’ve found that listing five good things/positive aspects of my day helps me feel happier. Here are mine for today. Give it a try!

Shred the negatives

Write three bad/negative components from your day, and rip them up. It helps relieve stress, and is a good way of banishing the negative parts of your day.

Quick fixes

Here’s a list of a few “quick fixes” that generally take between 5-15 minutes. They are great for stepping back from a busy day, and giving yourself a little time to recuperate.

1. Take a quick walk. Just breathe.

2. Listen to your favorite song. Instant gratification.

3. Cat nap. Take a break.

4. Enjoy your favorite treat. It’s okay to indulge (especially on Mondays!)

5. Warm/hot shower. Refresh.

6. Cuddle with your pet (Unless it’s an iguana). It’s calming.

7. 10 jumping jacks. Reach for your toes. 10 jumping jacks. Reach for the sky. Adrenaline rush.

8. Straighten up your workspace/living space. Escape clutter.


Think about the things you have to look forward to. The things we look forward to help us to keep going. Your list may look nothing like mine, but these are things I am looking forward to.

Tuesday nights: because my mom always makes dinner!

My favorite season starts this Friday!!!!!!

41 days until Halloween

91 days until classes end!

96 days until Christmas!


Happiness starts with a smile. Try it!

These are a few pictures of one of my golden retrievers a few years ago. These pictures always make me smile 🙂

Hope this helps cure your Monday blues.

p.s. 4 days until friday!




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