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I apologize in advance for the ranting you are about to read……but I am somewhat baffled by a few things.

I am an extremely observational person. I constantly observe the people around me, and what they’re doing–sometimes to a point where it becomes a distraction (oh well). Anyways, on Monday, I was (as usual) waiting to board the elevator at school. For the first time this semester, I was the first one waiting for the elevator. A few seconds later, a handicapped boy arrived with a walker. From the moment I saw him, I could tell he was in distress. I greeted him (as I tend to do with anyone), and we both chuckled over a joke about waiting for “the world’s slowest elevator”. I felt a sense of relief when I saw him smile, because I felt like I had made his day a little better. Within a matter of ten seconds, we were surrounded by nearly fifteen others waiting for the elevator. Ding. Finally, it was here. I moved aside to let the crowd out of the elevator before boarding. I got on the elevator and seconds later it filled up. This was no big deal to me, until I looked out at the remaining people (who would have to wait for another elevator). There he was. The boy I had just exchanged a joke with was left to wait again! Despite the fact that he was A. there before any of the others, B. visibly distraught, and C. barely able to hold himself up–these people had walked right passed him without concern. Naturally, I got off the elevator to let him take my place. Although this granted me with a tad more satisfaction, I was still frustrated with the inconsiderate people who snubbed this boy. I understand that elevator conflicts are a minor affair, but that is beside my point. My point is, some people are absolutely ridiculous and incredibly selfish!

Today, I got on the very same elevator with four other girls, and three guys. All four of these girls were relentlessly texting and facebooking away. There was an older gentleman in the elevator, and he asked “how is everyone doing today?” The two men replied with a one word answer, and I responded as well. One girl nodded her head (whatever that means), and the other three stood engrossed in their own mobile worlds. These girls were drenched in a “don’t care about anything” attitude, and it was obvious. I know this is a miniscule occurrence, but it still made me think. I am so thankful that my parents raised me to be respectful. It’s good to know I won’t be used as an example of ignorance in another person’s blog post!

Myrtle Beach, SC


2 comments on “Ignorance

  1. kebibarra
    September 21, 2011

    It’s so unexcusable and it makes me sick how others have total disregard for anyone other than themselves.

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