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I went to my first NACE (National Association of Catering Executives) meeting a few weeks ago. I waited until I had a few photos before posting this. It was awesome! The only reason I am lucky enough to attend such a fancy “shindig” is because my dad is part of the association. In fact, he was the speaker tonight. Although I am studying to become a teacher, I thoroughly enjoy the experiences and knowledge that come along with my current job. In a crowd full of professionals, I find it really difficult to fit in. They’re executives of successful businesses with tons of experience, and lots to say. I am a college student with unsettling thoughts about where my place is in this world. These people are filled with ambition, and provided me with inspiration. (I put together a small collage from the event. These photos were taken by a photographer at the event–I was unable to find his name though!)

(I am pictured in the top left, and bottom right photo.)

This is my dad during his presentation.






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