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Beleave: by me

The view from here is quite breathtaking

but suddenly I feel myself falling

I am drifting as the world passes me by

but where am I going?

Just as I start to enjoy it,

there is a violent halt in my journey

I lay in a sea of individuals who look nothing like me

but it’s nice not to be alone

I am content

Just as I gain my composure, I am swept away again

Now I am moving faster than ever before

It is not too long before I plummet to the ground

Again, I am united with others

 suddenly it feels like I am being stampeded

The pain fades, I hear laughter, and I am thrown in the air

a gust of wind sends me back on my journey

but I stop worrying and enjoy the ride

Photo by: Anna Sofia Poirier


2 comments on “Beleave

  1. The Simplest Thing
    October 5, 2011

    Hey Krista, nice writing! I Like!! 🙂 Do you write lyrics, if you do or fancy giving it a go then i’d love to maybe try puting music to your words. Anyway, lovely writing, keep it up!

    • scenicroadway
      October 5, 2011

      Hey Jeremy thanks so much for the kind words. I have never tried writing lyrics, but if I do..I will certainly let you know! Thanks for stopping by!

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