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Lancaster & Hershey Park

I went to Hershey Park yesterday! It was a blast, as always. It’s only about a two hour ride from my house, and I don’t mind it at all. Lancaster is beautiful and actually reminds me of North Carolina. The farms and calmness out in the country really offer a tranquil ride. The people in Lancaster (mostly Amish) aren’t in a hurry like the ones in the suburbs, (where I live) and the city. It’s nice. Unfortunately I forgot my camera. I took a few pictures on the ride there with my phone, but they are pretty bad quality. Bad quality is better than no quality…right? (right!)

Anyways, Hershey Park was great. If you’ve never been, I definitely suggest making it out there sometime. The free chocolate after riding through the factory is always a plus. The amusement park is fun and thrilling for all ages. My four year old cousin was fearless on the wooden coaster “The Comet”. I love roller coasters and went on as many as time permitted. It was chilly, but it was nothing a little hot chocolate couldn’t cure! (and how suitable at Hershey Park!)



3 comments on “Lancaster & Hershey Park

  1. mooselicker
    October 3, 2011

    Have you reached Twizzler level yet? I think the last time I went I was still a Hershey Bar.

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