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What Sets You Free?

Each person needs something that sets her free. It doesn’t matter if it’s something she is good at, just as long as she enjoys doing it. It’s not about the action itself, it’s more about the satisfaction you get from doing it.

I have a lot of “hobbies” that set me free. In my world, I consider myself an amateur photographer and artist. I know I’m not real great at either of the two, but I love to do both–so my skill level doesn’t matter to me. A blank canvas is something I love to work with, because there’s so much room for imagination. I can paint anything I want, and even if it looks terrible, it is still special to me. It’s where I find peace.

I guess the reason I am happy to paint is because I get a chance to be creative and truly let my colors show (literally..)

Acrylic paint is my favorite type of paint to use. Other than water color, acrylic paint dries the fastest. Acrylic paint sets display much richer colors than water color. In a real set of a acrylics (as opposed to a knock off brand), the color does not fade over time. Oil paints tend to fade and/or become tainted.  Another cool thing about acrylic paint is that you can apply it in any thickness you desire. By diluting it with water, you can capture lighter shades, which potentially resemble water colors! Just as well, you can apply thick layers of acrylic paint to show texture. When acrylic paint is wet, it can be easily diluted. However, once dried, the paint becomes water resistant (almost rubber-like), which helps preserve the beauty of your painting. The main reason I favor acrylic paint is because when I make mistakes (which I do pretty frequently), I only have to wait a few minutes, and I am able to paint right over my mistake (without a trace of it’s existence).

Find your release. Don’t ever let it go.


9 comments on “What Sets You Free?

  1. kebibarra
    October 18, 2011

    I personally think you take amazing pictures!!

  2. The Simplest Thing
    October 18, 2011

    … and I consider you to be a creative, imaginative and talented photographer, artist, and writer. There’s a voice inside you. Listen to what it says.

    • scenicroadway
      October 18, 2011

      Thanks for the support. You’re words are always inspiring!

  3. The Simplest Thing
    October 18, 2011

    wish i could see your paintings for real, but that aint gonna happen with me being half a world away. seeing photos of paintings just isn’t the same, you don’t get anything like the same feeling and emotional impact from a photo of painiting that you do when you’re in a gallery seing paintings for real.

    • scenicroadway
      October 18, 2011

      That’s so true and I know exactly what you mean. But my paintings aren’t all that great. I’m still working on getting better at painting because it’s something I really enjoy. But for now I just continue to add to my collection of paintings on my wall, because I enjoy seeing them. (:

  4. Jess J.
    October 26, 2011

    I want to challenge you to broaden your definition of great art. I think your ability to create something from nothing is brilliant

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