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High School

I recently received a kind message from one of my e-mail subscribers. I don’t know much about this reader, other than her name is Sara and she follows my blog. Sara e-mailed me a question and I think it is a good one to do a blog entry about. Sara thank you for reading, and I hope this answers your question.


First of all, congrats on almost graduating. It is a great accomplishment, and an excellent experience moving onto the next stage of your life.

If I had to describe myself in high school (particularly the last two years-when I actually broke out of my shell), I would say that I was sarcastic and annoying. I loved to talk and loved to add my “two cents” to everything. I told such bad jokes that people were probably only laughing out of pity. I was awkward but at the same time still very sociable. I got along with a majority of my classmates. I talked to just about anyone that would put up with my nonsense. It didn’t matter if they were in the band, a nerd, a druggy, or “popular”. These types of labels meant and still mean nothing to me. A person is a person (no matter how small-Dr. Seuss).

To give you a more accurate opinion of who I was in high school, I asked three people that knew me the best (at that time) to describe me in three words:

Caring, insecure, funny

Awesome, outgoing, friendly

Creative, goofy, smart

To be honest, not much has changed since high school. I am still that awkward girl who cracks the lame jokes at the worst times. I am still the girl who cares about others and tries to find happiness in simplicity. My creativity is greater now than ever, because I’ve found new ways to unlock it. The “confidence” you mentioned isn’t really confidence. To be honest, I’m not really that sure of myself. Although I am not confident of who I am, I am accepting. Since high school, I’ve come to realize that no one’s opinion of me matters more than my very own. I try to shake off the bad, and keep moving forward. I’ve accepted my flaws and learned to just be myself at all costs. Your life is what you make of it.

To anyone reading this, I challenge you to answer this very same question. What were you like in high school? I am interested to find out who my readers were/are.

Special thanks to Sara for this great idea.

I love this picture, mainly because my friend is making that lovely face..


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