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Time Flies

This past week my cousin Jayden turned five. It really put things into perspective for me. I’m actually “old enough” now to say “I remember you when you were in diapers!” It’s a really crazy thought for me. Five years ago, I held Jay in my arms for the very first time. Where did that five years go? It doesn’t even feel like five years, because I remember it like it was yesterday. Now he’s a walking, talking, clever, little guy! We celebrated his birthday with a little family party, and he thoroughly enjoyed his Batman cake (as did I!). He put his own candles on (all 10 of them, and most of which were upside down..). The day after his birthday, Obama was at Jayden’s school! He got to meet the president. The last picture is really small (because it was taken on a cell phone), but it is Jay on the computer waiting for Obama to come over to him. If you look closely, you can see. Here are a few photos in honor of my little sweetheart growing up! Love you Jayden xox happy birthday<3

This is a few pictures of Jayden over the past five years…(the top left is me holding him in the hospital for the first time! As you can see, I was really excited)

Jay & I before opening his presents

A photo I took while we were singing to him

Jayden at school waiting to meet Obama


2 comments on “Time Flies

  1. The Simplest Thing
    November 12, 2011

    happiness – so lovely to see it in your smiles and words 🙂 and what a great experience to meet the president!!!

    • scenicroadway
      November 14, 2011

      Glad you enjoyed my post 🙂 Thanks for checking it out.

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