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Not Alone

Here I am at Starbucks for the 456789th (I like to exaggerate) day in a row. Although, today I am lacking my partner in crime. We come here often. Whether it’s to binge on overpriced coffee, or observe the (not-so) thought perplexing art on the walls…I can not say. Either way we find ourselves here, at our table. I’m coming to realize how much I actually appreciate Starbucks. It’s actually been a great place to relax and get work done. Just as well, it’s nice to just sit here and waste time. I love to watch people, because they interest me. There’s so much to be learned by just observing and listening. For instance, I’ve only been here for a few minutes, but I could tell you a little story about any of the people surrounding me.

At the table next to me, there are three female teachers discussing their students. In particular, they’re discussing a sixth grade boy with behavioral issues. Two seem to be filling the air with concerns while the third woman just absorbs. I’m wondering what they’re doing here on a Friday morning. Shouldn’t they be in school? Maybe they’re wondering the same about be. I mean, I’m the one with a backpack full of books that I have yet to crack open. Maybe they don’t even realize I’m sitting here.

The man behind me is searching online via ipad for jewelery. I only know this because I am looking over his shoulder. I don’t consider it intrusive, unless he notices me (I know, I’m an odd soul). Anyways, I’m thinking to myself that he is maybe looking to buy a Christmas present for a family member or friend. Immediately I assumed it was for his wife, but his lack of a wedding ring is suggesting otherwise. Either way, this guy is in his own little online world.

There’s a guy in the corner. A regular. He is always here, which I guess my knowledge of this means that I am here just as much. He always sits in the corner on his laptop and rarely ever looks up. With his headphones in, this man is completely isolated from the rest of the commotion going on here. I’ve known this man for awhile, as I used to see him at my previous job on a daily basis. I wonder if he remembers me, but he never looks up long enough to notice me.

Now, those are just assumptions I’ve made from observations; some of which may not hold true. Either way, it’s nice to just imagine the stories these people carry. These people become less of strangers to me, and suddenly I feel like I am a piece of this puzzle. I belong. I am the girl sitting in the corner on my laptop, with my books spread about. I am the one observing everyone else, because I’m more interested in their lives than my own.

The staff (at this particular Starbucks) is awesome. They always engage in conversation, and know most of their customers on a first name basis. They’re able to hold conversations as if they’ve known the customer their whole life! It’s actually really cool, and I can’t wait for them to remember my name and order by heart! I’m well on my way to that happening. It’s always nice to go somewhere that you feel welcome. It’s nice to feel like people genuinely care, even if they don’t.


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