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10 Strange Facts About Me

I saw this post on a blog a few weeks ago and have been meaning to do my own. Here are 10 strange facts/weird habits of mine.

1. I like even numbers. The radio volume has to be on an even number, always.

2. I prefer to be on the left side (when walking, sitting, standing…always). When someone/something is on my left side it feels like an imbalance to me.

3. I don’t untie my sneakers. I slip them on and off. (Laziness at it’s finest, indeed)

4. I focus better when I am drawing or making doodles. Also, I doodle on at least 90% of the papers I get.

5. I love black & white photography. If I had it my way, all my photos would be black and white. It’s not that I don’t like color, it’s just b&w is more appealing to me (must be the contrast).

6. My socks have to match. Period.

7. I am extremely self conscious and tend to think people notice every little mistake or blemish. Realistically, they don’t.

8. I love to write letters. I love to receive letters as well.

9. All day, music plays in my head. I like to pretend I have various theme songs for each task I’m doing. It keeps me going.

10. I constantly observe people. I always notice the little things.


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