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Smile at a Stranger

Even though I’m absolutely exhausted, and have a lot to do, I’m happy. There’s something magical about the clouds in the sky and the rays of sun peering through. I love taking a few moments to absorb my surroundings. Even when I’m completely wiped out, I still find happiness in the simple things. Lately I’ve been trying really hard to keep a smile on my face. Often times I find myself (and a majority of the planet [probably an over exaggeration]) so tuned out. We walk around with our heads down, our phones out, and  careless looks on our faces. Everyone is in such a big rush from point A to B that we seldom take time to live in the moment and appreciate what is in front of us. There are so many times I pass someone on the sidewalk (especially on my college campus) and I can feel their worries radiating. I just wish I could tell them that life gets better. I wish they would look around and start appreciating the greatness surrounding them. Now of course, I can’t approach every stranger on the sidewalk and offer them inspiration–so I simply smile…And usually they smile back. So I continue on my journey from A to B knowing that (even if it was just for a second) I’ve made someone’s day just a little better. A smile goes a long way. Trust me.

This is a photo I took a few weeks ago. Although she may not know it, this little girl was really an inspiration.


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