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Spring Photography and Thoughts

For the past several weeks, my boyfriend and I have kept a watchful eye on something very special. It started off as female goose and a male goose (gander) protecting their eggs in a nest. We waited patiently and checked back often knowing that soon these eggs would hatch. And sure enough, 6 gosling were added to the family. I’ve been having a great time photographing them. The mother and father are very protective, as expected. When they’re in a line, the mom always leads, and the dad is always at the end. We’ve named them all. Admittedly, I can’t quite tell them apart yet (other than the mom & dad), but I’m working on it! We go a few times throughout the week to feed them, and they always come right over to us knowing that we have food for them! Here are a few photos I’ve taken along the way..Enjoy.


4 comments on “Spring Photography and Thoughts

  1. terry1954
    May 18, 2012

    those are so precious, thank u for capturing them and sharing with me

    • scenicroadway
      May 18, 2012

      Glad you enjoyed them! Thanks for checking them out.


  2. barb donnelly
    May 18, 2012

    Wow….I have been doing the same series of shots. But I really wanted you to know, in case you didnt here already, that Sleighton Farm had a fire ….the Martha Falconer Education Building….sad.

    • scenicroadway
      May 18, 2012

      That is sad…I had no idea. Thanks for letting me know.

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