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Indoor Photography Ideas

Okay, so…you’re stuck at home on a rainy/cold day…or you haven’t payed this months rent and your landlord has the place surrounded (okay, not funny..)..Whatever your story is..indoor photography is pretty good at passing the time. At first I was stuck coming up with ideas, but once I got going, I couldn’t put my camera down. (By the way, I wasn’t avoiding a landlord or anything…I was waiting for the UPS guy!)

Here are some indoor photography ideas I just put to use:

1. Fruit

Slice it, organize it, peel it, throw it in a bowl…..whatever you please! Fruit always provides as an interesting subject (mainly because of it’s bright and various colors).

2. Themes

Themes are another great indoor photography idea. A theme can be anything you want to make a scene or set of pictures with. I had a few more with this “lemonade” theme, but you get the point. Ideas: games, candles, teddy bears…anything you can think of! Set it up, photograph, rearrange, photograph!

3. Writing/Words

Words and writing provide you with endless indoor photography ideas. Whether it’s a picture hanging on the wall, a love note, or even something you created on your own, it’s the perfect subject. I’m not sure where I came up with “love underwater”, but I really like it!

4. Furniture

Lamps, Ceramic, Tables, Chairs, Couches….Symmetrical, non-symmetrical…It will totally show you things in a new light.

5. Flowers/Plants

The best thing about flowers is that they require no effort to make a beautiful picture.

6. Windows

Windows offer great opportunities for various photographs. They vary in shape, size, pattern, and of course–the view! Don’t be scared to play around with lighting and contrast. Sometimes taking a chance can leave you with a great shot.

7. Pets

Well, because….who could resist a cute face like that^?!

8. Self Portraits

Self portraits are a great way to convey a message to your audience. Expressions and posture dictate the mood of the photograph. Also, everyone is beautiful in their own way. Show the world.


The famous saying holds true, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. We all think and view the world differently. Thousands of people could shoot the same subject, and each of those photos has the potential to be different than the rest. Challenge yourself to think outside the box. Develop a creative eye by finding the beauty in everything around you. There is always a photo opp.. Change the lighting, change the colors, change the angle. Do anything and everything you can to make your photos stand out. There is beauty in everything, you just have to look close enough.



2 comments on “Indoor Photography Ideas

  1. terry1954
    June 6, 2012

    awesome! always think about my camera when i m out of the house, no i can think about it inside . thanks for sharing this!!!

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