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Patiently Drifting

I wrote this poem last month and for some reason I really love it. I guess I find meaning behind it, and I hope you do too. (Please excuse my lack of punctuation and capitalization-it was something I wrote in my journal, and I just like it the way it is)

Patiently Drifting

the view from here

would take your breath away

your thoughts escape you

there’s nothing left to say

patiently drifting,

far up and above

it’s so easy

to fall in love

in love with the clouds

& the taste of the rain

where worries fade

and there is no pain

you see the world

in a different light

and suddenly realize

your life is alright

life is beautiful

when you see it from here

but you have to choose

to see beauty my dear

blow a kiss to the stars

& say goodnight to the moon

because we can’t live forever

in this hot air balloon


3 comments on “Patiently Drifting

  1. terry1954
    November 11, 2012

    this was beautiful, i love the meaning of the entire poem

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