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Hey bloggers. Thanks for all of the feedback. I really love hearing from you guys. Some of you have reached out to me via e-mail and I’m so thankful to hear from you. As most of you know, 2012 was a year of great loss for me. Losing my friend Alyssa back in October is probably the loss that has taken the biggest toll on my life. I’ve been trying really hard to live as great of a life as she did. I won’t lie, it hasn’t been easy by any means. Because Alyssa was taken from me so abruptly, it has left me with many loose ends. I’ve been doing anything and everything possible to find peace. Fortunately, writing is something that has helped me tremendously. I’ve been writing to Alyssa for awhile now. I set aside a little time each day/night to write her a letter or share a story/song/quote–anything really. I want her to know how important she still is to me and how much she has impacted my life. That’s why I started a blog in memory of her. That is also why I am unable to post on here as much as I’d like. I have tons to share with you guys, so please be patient with me (: Here is a poem I wrote tonight. I know my writing has been pretty sad lately, but it’s my best method of coping. The words in my head just flow out..

Please feel free to keep the e-mails coming–even the Sleighton ones (seems to be a topic of interest lately)! I love knowing that my writing/photos matter.


my mind lives now

but my heart lives then

each passing night

dreaming to see you again

you left this world

without a trace

with people to love

& dreams to chase

there are some days

it’s hard to wake

everyday holds

another heartbreak

so if you hear this

please understand

I never got to say

all that I planned

im writing to you

with a heart that’s broken

so this time around

no words go unspoken


2 comments on “Unspoken

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  2. Donnelly Barb
    August 20, 2014

    are you still around?

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